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Tip #1: LinuxMCE Installation

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As I already mentioned LinuxMCE should be installed on the top of the latest Kubuntu Feisty. So, there are actually two ways to do that. the first one is to install Kubuntu and after that install LinuxMCE.

Note: to avoid problems with LinuxMCE installation do not apply any updates on your Kubuntu installation! LinuxMCE should be installed on the fresh system!

The second was is a bit easier. You can download DVD with Kubuntu and LinuxMCE and install them at one step.

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August 17, 2007 at 6:20 am

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Why is LinuxMCE?

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LinuxMCE is an open source system for home automation. Actually, it’s a fork of another Debian-based smarthome system – Plutohome. Unlike it LinuxMCE is installed on top of Kubuntu Feisty. As bonus LnuxMCE users get very handy integration with KDE. That approach allows to use PC for both: home automation and personal use.

Why I suggest to use LinuxMCE as a software for smarthome? Well, it’s Linux-based, open source and it covers all area of home: entertainment, lighting, climate control, security and telephony. Another good reason to use it is a huge range of supported hardware – control panel, DVB cards, TV tuners etc. Moreover, if you cannot find your device in the hardware list LinuxMCE offers a simple way to add it using Embedded Ruby interface. The little disadvantage of that system is necessary of Linux background and administration knowledge to configure and customize LinuxMCE. So, I hope that this blog will be useful for you.

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August 16, 2007 at 6:37 pm

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