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Hack #2: Add custom security scenario

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LinuxMCE allows to add various scenarios. Just go to Wizard –> Scenarios and choose appropriate category. However, using that way it’s impossible to add some security scenario except camera view only. But what if you want, for example, to see buttons for open/close garage door under Security section on the Orbiter? There is a way to do that. Go to Advanced –> Configuration –> Scenarios and press Security Scenarios on the left panel. You should see all security scenarios in your system. To new one just press the button ‘Add my scenario’ at the bottom.

The main trick is that you won’t see security scenarios added such manner on the Scenarios main page – Wizard –> Scenarios.

Written by nite_man

August 23, 2007 at 11:44 am

Tip #2: Catch the sun

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LinuxMCE gives you an option to perform some action at sunset and sunrise time. To be able to catch those events you have to specify Longitude and Latitude. Go to Wizard -> Basic Info -> Installation and set your country, region and city. Longitude and Latitude will be defined according to those settings.

Now you may see in the DCERouter.log following messages:

08/19/07 17:59:37.508 tSunset: Sun Aug 19 19:30:31 2007
08/19/07 17:59:37.508 tSunsetTomorrow: Mon Aug 20 19:29:18 2007
08/19/07 17:59:37.508 tSunrise: Sun Aug 19 06:11:38 2007
08/19/07 17:59:37.508 tSunriseTomorrow: Mon Aug 20 06:12:22 2007

Go to Wizard –> Events Handler –> Respond to Events and add new one. You should specify a some useful description and choose events: Sunrise or Sunset. After that you will able to attach some actions to the created event: switch ON/OFF lighting, sparking system or something different.

Written by nite_man

August 20, 2007 at 1:47 pm